Michael Briant

1954   Italia Conti Stage School - Archer Street - London W1 - Elf and Rainbow Child in Where the Rainbow Ends

1955   Lead - 'Crispian' in  - Where The Rainbow Ends at the  Royal Festival Hall

1955-61  At Conti's, lots of acting on TV, films and theatre including touring and Bromley Rep, stage management, touring etc

1962   Joined BBC TV as an ASM in Drama Department

1964   Became a Production Assistant in BBC DRAMA SERIALS 

1966   Directors Course at BBC - directed Z cars, the Newcomers etc

1970   Left BBC and became a freelance television director

1972   Purchased my first keel boat - 22 ft Galion and sailed to France

1972-82   Lots of telly, theatre and film direction including winning an Emmy for 'A Tale of Two Cities'

http://uk.imdb.com/name/nm0108468/   my IMDb page.

Sailing in a Jaguar 25 then a very beautiful long keel boat called 'Lizelle' - and Elizabethan 31....

1982 Started my own Film and Television production company -     LINKED RING FILMS

1992 Directed various drama productions in the Netherlands - my function was really to teach the production company how to make drama in the British/BBC style. Taught at the film school, instigated the British system of making sitcoms and produced and directed several drama and situation comedies in Amsterdam.

 Sold Lizelle and got a 41ft steel boat - Southern Chancer

1996 Sailed to the Mediterranean and cruised W-E for 4 years then the Canaries in between directing assignments in UK and Netherlands. -

Sold Southern Chancer and got a wonderful Moody 36 with centre cockpit and aft cabin --- Bambola

1998  Crossed the Atlantic for the first time  - more directing - Cruised up and down East coast USA and the ICW o the Chesapeake..

2000 Completed first independent documentary - Blue water Cruising

2001 Transited the Panama Canal into the Pacific Ocean

2002 Purchased a new 'old' house in La Rochelle France -

Transited Asia, Indian Ocean, Red Sea, Suez and Med to Atlantic coast again.

2003 Completed my circumnavigation and arrived in Bambola to  La Rochelle - France.

2004 Finished main post production work on 6 episodes of BLUE WATER DESTINATIONS.  Sold Bambola and got a Prout 33 catamaran called Eloise.......

2005 Commenced internet shop selling all my books including French Canal Route books, (over 2500 copies sold)  Living Aboard Around the World.

2007 Introduced download sales for my publications. over 2500 copies of French Canal Routes sold to date 2017

Purchased Paw Paw of London - Westerly Ocean 43 - presently near Barcelona - Spain

I now live in Spain


Most of my theatrical work is listed on this professional web site:

 http://uk.imdb.com/name/nm0108468/  my IMDb page.

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