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Item description


AVON LITE RIB 3.20.                        25



5′1″ (154 cm.)


10′2″ (310 cm.)


94 lbs. (43 kg.)


4 People

Max Horsepower

10 HP


Originally purchased in 2009 it comes with oars, Avon inflator, 3 point lifting strap. The Vhull is GRP

Lewmar CQR Anchor - 15 KG - 35lb      £35

Drop-forged construction
*Hinged shank for consistent setting and holding
*Lloyd's Register classified as a High Holding Power (HHP) anchor.sold

Admiralty Pilots

Please note publication dates -


West Indies Pilot Vol 1 north western part - Bahamas to Caymans 1971  £5

West Indies Pilot Vol 2 Mona Passage to Grenada  1969........................£5

West Coast Spain and Portugual Azores to Gibraltar & Straits 1972........£5

South Indian Ocean - Madagascar to Seychelles Reunion  1971..............£5

Africa Pilot vol 1 Azores, Madeira Canaries & west coast Africa.............£5

Africa Pilot vol 3 Southern and East coasts   1967 ................................£5

Red Sea & Gulf of Aden Pilot    1967..................................................£5

Mediterranean Pilot vol 1 Gib to Scilly 1963.........................................£5

Mediterranean Pilot vol 2 France and Italy1965....................................£5

Mediterranean Pilot vol 5 Libya to Cyprus...........................................£5

Bay of Biscay Pilot Penmarc'h to Ortegal..1970...................................£5

Bay of Bengal Pilot Ceylon to Nicobar 1966........................................£5

Channel Pilot Scillies to Selsey Bill & French coast 1971......................£5


Or £55 all the above.....................


Non Admiralty


Friesian Pilot - Mark Brackenbury 1979 - Den Helder to Kiel Canal............  £5

Deep Sea Sailing - Errol Bruce 1953...........................................................£5


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Chart Kits BBA - I purchased them 2nd hand around 1999 and are perfectly usable but covers are tatty. They cover the ICW plus the adjacent coastal waterways and coastal entrances and ports.


Florida East Coast and the Keys - Region 7................. £15

The Bahamas - (tatty but useable)...............................£5

Chesapeak and Delaware Bay  Region 4.......................................£15

Norfolk to Jacksonville - Florida....Region 6 (tatty but useable)... . £5

New York to Nantucket Region 3 excellent .................................;£15

Or £50  for the lot

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Panama into Pacific folio


British ~Admiralty charts - Passage Charts

1925 Gulf of Panama - 1984 B&W...........................£10

4062 South Pacific - Eastern Part colour 1994............£10

4061 South Pacific - western part colour 1995.............£10

4607 South East Polynesia colour 1994......................£10

4606 Tonga and Tuamotu Islands colour 1994............£10

4604 Coral and Solomon Seas colour 1995.................£10

4605 New Zealand, Fiji and Samoa colour 1994..........£10

or £60 the 7 above charts.................................


Tides End - Bellingham    B&W charts

folio 801 South Pacific Islands

you can view the portfolios at:

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Chart # Title
0162 Society Islands Moorea, Papetoai and Paopao Bays
1792 Marquesas Islands, UA HUKA Island
1797 The Marquesas Islands
1805 Anchorages in the Marquesas Islands
1808 Anchorages inf the Marquesas Islands: A) PUA MAU (Perigot Bay), B) VIPVHAI (Trators Bay), C) HANA MEW, D) HANA IAPA, E) VAI TAHU including TAA HUKU
1809 Anchorages in the Marquesas Islands: A) HAKA HETAU, B) VAIEO BAY, C) HUAPU ISLAND
1986 Plans in the South Pacific Ocean
1987 Anchorages in the Society Islands
1992 Society Islands, Tahiti - South Coast, Port Phaeton & Approaches
2004 Islands and Anchorages in the Tuamotu Archipelago
2006 Tonga Islands - Momuka Group
2007 Tonga Islands - Ha’apai Group (Northern Part)
2008B Marshall Islands, Majuro Atoll
2009 Tonga or Friendly Islands, HA'APAI GROUP, LIFUKA ISLAND Anchorage and Approaches
2010 Marshall Islands, Wast Central Part of ENIWETOK ATOLL
2011 Rapa Island
2013 Tonga Islands, Tongatabu Island, Approches to NUKUALOFA Anchorage
2024 Tuamotu Archipelago, Plans: a.) the pass and anchorage of Rarioa Island, b.) Mangareva or Gambier Islands
2025 North Coast of Tahiti, Papeete Pass to Papenu Pass
2080 Port RIKITEA Gambier Islands, Mangareva Island- Tuamotu Archilpelago
2149 Southwest Coat of Tahiti;, Rautirare Pass to Maraa Pass
2228 Illes Tubuai (Austral Islands), Ile Raivavae (Vavitu)
2363 Tonga, Approaches to NUKU'ALOFA
2851 FIJI ISLANDS, Eastern Archipelago, (Northern Portion)
2859 FIJI ISLANDS, East Coast of Viti Levu and the Adjacent Islands to the Eastward (also 83584)
5900 Tongatabu Island - Tonga Islands, EGERIA Channel
634 Isle Tuamotu
78 Tuamotu Archipelago-Disappointment Group, A) Tepoto (Otooho) and Napuka (Wytoohee), B. Pukaruha (Serle Island), C. Reao (Clermont-Tonnere)
81 Tuamotu Archipelago, Plans: A) KING GEORGES GROUP, B) TAKAPOTO TAKARUA
82 Tuamotu Archipelago, Plans: A) AHE and MANIHI Islands (or Peacock and Wilson Island)
83 Plans in The Tuamotu Archipelago: A) PUKAPUKA IS., B) MAKATEA, C) TAUERE, D) MAROKAU & RAVAHERE, E) TAKUME
XXX1 Fiji Islands Northwest Part, Vatu Ira Channel with Adjacent Coasts
2008 Tonga Islands, HA'APAI GROUP (Southern Portion)
83597 FIJI ISLANDS, Northern Part, VANUA LEVU


Folio 800 South Pacific Islands

Chart # Title
83020 IIes Marquises Islands (South Pacific Ocean)
83021 Manuae to Tahiti (Omega)
83022 Makemo to Tatakoto (Omega)
83023 Tahiti to Rangiroa and Makemo (Omega)
83024 Hao to Fangataufa (Omega)
83025 Illes Tuamoto to Iles Gambier (Omega)
83026 Samoa Islands (Omega)
83034 Fiji - Iles de Horne (Omega)
83039 Fiji Islands to Samoa Islands (Omega)
83207 Nuku Hiva (Illes Marquises)
83218 Hiva Oa, Tahuata & Motane
83251 Archipel Des Tuamotu Iles Gambier
83252 Ile Mangareva (Iles Gambier)
83253 Iles Gambier - Southern Part
83254 Rade de Rikitea
83255 Muraroa to Fangataufa
83382 Approaches toTahiti and Moorea including Maiao and Tetiaroa - Society Islands
83383 Moorea
83385 Port of Papeete
83392 Iles Sous le Vent - Society Islands, Plans: Manuae, Mauphiaa, & Motu One
83397 Bora-Bora, Plan: Passe Teavanui
83425 Islands & Anchorages in the Cook Islands, Plans: A. Aitutaki, B. Mangaia, C. Takutea, D. Aruntunga Anchorage (Aitutaki Atoll), E. Rarotonga, F. Manuae Atoll, G. Atiu, H. Avarua and Avatiu Harbors (Rarotonga), J. Mauke
83473 Savai’i and Upolu (Western Samoa)
83476 Harbors of Upolu, Plans: A. Apia Harbor, B. Vailele Bay, C. Falealili Harbor, D. Aleipata Road
83484 U.S. Possessions in Samoa Islands, Plans: Manua Islands, Pago Pago Harbor, Tutuila Island, Rose Atoll, Tutuila Island, & Swains Island
83495 Isles Wallis, (South Pacific Ocean) (Iles Wallis-Lleuvea)Plans: Mouillages de Mua And Mata-Uta, Passe Honikulu NOTE:Chart Error - Correct coordinates for the Passe Honikulu are:South 13deg 23.5 min,West 176deg 13.0 min
83500 Fiji to Tonga Islands (Omega)
83555 Vava’u Group (Tonga Islands)
83560 Tonga Islands
83563 Plans of the Tonga Islands, Plan: Nomuka Harbor
83567 Nukualofa and Approaches, Plan: Nukualofa
83570 Fiji Islands - Western Part
83572 Suva and Approaches, Plan: Suva Harbor
83574 Approaches to Lautoka and Vatia Wharf, Plans: A.Lautoka, B. Vatia Wharf
83580 Fiji Islands - Southeastern Part, Plan: Ono-i-Iau
83590 Fiji Islands - Northeast Part

Folio 810 South Pacific Islands

New Caladonia to Vanatau

Chart # Title
82025 Vanuatu (Omega)
82030 New Caledonia to Fiji & Vanuatu (New Hebrides) (Omega)
82527 Plans in the Torres & Banks Islands: A. Torres Islands, B. Hayter Bay (Tequa Island), C. Picot Bay (Hiw Island), D. Vi Paka Anchorage (Loh Island), E. Dives Bay (Norbarbar), F. Port Patteson (Vanua Lava Island)
82534 Banks Islands, Plans: A. Lakona Bay (Santa Maria Island), B. Milli Bay (Saddle Island), C. Avreas Bay (Vanua Lava Island), D. Loso Lava Anchorage (Santa Maria Island), E. Masevonu Anchorage (Santa Maria Island)
82540 Torres Islands to Pentecote (Pentecost)
82543 Espiritu Santo, Plan: Baie de la Tortue and Palikoulo Bay
82560 Malakula Island to Efate Island (Omega)
82564 Ile Malo to Efate
82571 Efate Island, Plan: Port-Vila
82580 Erromango Island to Anatom
82587 Plans in the New Herbrides & Adjacent Islands: A. Baie D'Anelgaohat, B. Ile Walpole, C. Ile Fortuna, D. Ile Matthew, E. Ile Hunter, F. Conway Reef, G. Ile Aneytioum
82646 Koumac to Poum to West Coast of New Caledonia
82649 Illes Belep to Port de Mueo
82683 Nouvelle-Caledonia-Southern Part Including Ile Des Pins (Omega)
82684 Nouvelle-Caledonia (Southeast Part) (Omega)
82689 Approaches to Noumes
82690 Noumea
82694 Mont Dore to Port-Boise
82697 Ile Queen to Ile Des Pins Including Passe De La Sarcelle
82020 Solomon Islands to Vanuatu (New Hebrides) (Omega)


All 3 portfolios in 2/3 size quality copies of US charts - these are detailed charts of area both portfolios......   £140


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British ~Admiralty charts - Passage Chart

4602 Taslman & Coral Seas - New Caladonia colour 1993..................................£10


Tides End - Bellingham    B&W charts


folio 705

East & Northeast Australia - including the Great Barrier Reef - 63 Charts


Chart # Title
74000 Cape Byron to Port Jackson
74002 Cumberland Islands to Fraser Island (Australia-East Coast)
74003 Cape Byron to Lady Elliott Island
74004 Frederic Reefs to Cooktown (Australia-East Coast)
74005 Cape York Peninsula to Gulf of Papua (Australia-Indonesia-Papua New Guinea)
74041 Reefs & Anchorages in the Coral Sea, Plans: A. Kenn Reefs, B. West Islet Anchorages, C. Bird Islet Anchorage, D. Cato Island Reef and Bank, E. Iles Chesterfield, F. Ile Longue Anchorage, G. Middle Bellona Reefs, H. South Bellona Reefs
74042 Australia-East Coast-Reefs and Anchorages in the Coral Sea. Plans: A.Lihou Reef, B.Marion Reef, C.Saumarez Reefs, D.Frederick Reefs, E. Mellish Reef.
74071 Islets & Reefs in the Coral Sea. Plans: A. Holmes Reef, B. Coringa Islets, C. Flinders & Adj. Reefs
74141 Plans in SW Pacific Ocean-Lord Howe Island & Ball's Pyramid Plans: A. Lord Howe Island & Adjacent Islets & Reefs, B. Middleton Reef, C. Elizabeth Reef
74151 Port Jackson to Port Stephens
74152 Newcastle Harbor (Australia-East Coast)
74153 Approaches to Newcastle
74161 Tacking Point to Port Stephens Plans: A. Crowdy Head & Anchorage, B. Sugarloaf Anchorage & Adjacent Dangers
74162 Coffs Harbour to Tacking Point
74171 Evans Head to Coffs Harbour
74172 Evans Head to Danger Point
74181 Point Danger to Cape Moreton
74182 Moreton Bay Plan: Manly Harbor
74183 Brisbane River-The Bar to Lytton Cutting (cancelled chart, provided as a supplement)
74184 Approaches to Moreton Bay, Plan: Mooloolaba Harbour
74186 Bisbane River-Lytton Cutting to Victoria Bridge, Plans: A. Bulimba Reach, B. South Bisbane Reach, C. Town Reach & Shafston Reach, D. Hamilton Reach
74190 Sandy Cape to Moreton Bay
74191 Port Bundaberg -Burnett River, Plan: Port Bundaberg
74192 Sandy Cape to Bustard Head
74200 Great Keppel Island to Sandy Cape
74201 Approaches to Port of Gladstone
74202 Keppel Bay, Plans: A. Approaches to Port Alma, B. Port Alma
74204 Bustard Head to North Reef, Plan: Continuation of Fitzroy River
74205 Port of Gladstone
74206 Plans in Port of Gladstone, Plans: A. Entrance to North Channel, B. Fishermans Landing Wharf, C. Clinton Coal Loader Wharf, D. Auckland Point to Barney Point, E. South Trees Point
74210 North Reef to Pine Peak Island
74220 Whitsunday Island to Pine Peak Island
74221 Hydrographers Passage
74229 Hay Point to Penrith Island, Plan: Hay Point
74230 Whitsunday Island to Magnetic Island
74231 Plans of Mackay & Bowen Plans: Approaches to Port of Mackay, Mackay Outer Harbour, Approaches to Port of Bowen, Bowen
74232 Cleveland Bay and Approaches
74234 Townsville Harbour and Ross River Entrance
74253 Russell Island to Low Islets. Plan: Port Douglas
74261 Low Islets to Cape Flattery. Plan: Port of Cooktown
74265 Frankland Islands to Lizard Island
74270 Lizard Island to Cape Sidmouth
74271 Barrow Point to Claremont Isles (East Coast), Plans: Cape Melville & Pipon Islets, & Flinders Group
74272 Claremont Isles to Cape Weymouth. Plan: Approaches to Heath Reef
74273 Cape Flattery to Barrow Point, Plan: Howick Group
74281 Cape Weymouth to Cairncross Islets
74283 Cape Weymouth to Olinda Entrance
74285 Bligh Entrance to Eastern Fields
74286 Approaches to Thursday Island
74287 Gannet and Varzin Passages (Australia - North Coast - Torres Str


 2/3 size quality copies of US charts - plus many b&w quality photocopies of UK and Australian charts covering Sydney to Torres Straight then onto Darwin and East Timor   £70


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Timor to Singapore


2/3 size quality copies of US/UK & Australian charts - quality b&W photo copies


27 plus charts



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Phuket to Suez and to Cape town


2/3 size quality copies of US/UK  - quality b&W photo copies


about 45 charts



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The total value of all the above charts is £360 - This excludes ICW chart books and the Pilot books.


You can have them all for £300 plus carriage - if you need a courier

or collect Gibraltar.

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  from the Caribbean and Panama to Australia and New Zealand and the islands of the South Pacific

Just published on Amazon and

If you are bored with the Mediterranean and the Caribbean, read this book, then you will want to dream of visiting the nearest place to paradise on this globe.


How to transit the Panama Canal see giant rays on the way to the Galapagos and the best islands in the Marquesas and Touamotu groups before reaching Tahiti the Cook Islands, Tonga and Fiji then laying up for the hurricane season in New Zealand or Australia.

Available from 




If you are thinking about going long distance cruising then this is the book for you!






1Which Boat and what equipment?

2.     The canal route to the sun.

3.     The sea route to the sun.

4.     Cruising the Mediterranean

5.     Crossing the Atlantic

6.     Cruising the Caribbean.

7.     Panama and Pan Pan

8.     The Canal and into the Pacific

9.     South Pacific Islands

10. Tahiti to New Zealand

11.  Helicopter Rescue

12. The Great Barrier Reef

13.  Pirate Attack

14.  Tragedy in the Red Sea.

15.  Homeward Bound


Download now from

The Caribbean is probably the biggest and best cruising ground in the world. Wonderful climate, beautiful islands, nice people and for the most part very inexpensive. With predictable weather and such good sailing winds it  makes the Mediterranean look like a very poor relation. 


How to get there - how to get home- details of all the Island groups and anchorages. 

Pictures and chart details together with descriptions of the islands.


Pictures, charts, distances, links to marina's and faculties, weather and places to visit and what to see.......


 There are two versions the first is for boats coming from Europe and the second is an American Version for boats heading south through the Bahamas & Turks and Caicos.


To download this ebook visit

Gentlesailing . Caribbean Islands  or Amazon Kindle


Why not take your boat to the Mediterranean next summer?





 There are several ways of getting your boat to the Mediterranean. On the back of a lorry, via the French canals, four or five day’s non stop across the Bay of Biscay then down the Portuguese coast or spend the summer or two, gently coasting southwards, enjoying the harbours, cities, towns and villages of France Spain and Portugal.


This is not a pilot book, rather a passage plan and guide to the nicer places between the South Coast of the UK to the beautiful Mediterranean Sea.  It can all be done in easy stages, to suit a lightly crewed boat, with perhaps only a couple of people on board who are without ‘offshore’ experience.  Actually, it is a lovely way to explore a lot of delightful foreign places.

More Here


The E-book version is available now £5.00

Download now from


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French Canal Routes to the Mediterranean

Gentle Sailing Route to the Mediterranean

Gentle Mediterranean Routes to the Islands

The Pacific Crossing Guide

Caribbean Islands Cruising Guides

Strait Sailing to Gibraltar

Living Aboard Around the World

Easy Navigation


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