La Rochelle Guide Book

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This excellent guide book is perfect for planning your visit to La Rochelle, booking hotels, site seeing or even thinking about living in this special West Coast French Town. All the information is up to date and written for the discriminating Francophile and those who just enjoy beautiful towns, superb eating and laid back café society and the sea!

The book contains:-

A Brief History of La Rochelle

What to do in La Rochelle

Where to eat and drink

Historical site seeing around town

Modern site seeing in town

Modern site seeing out of town

Annual Events in La Rochelle

How to get to La Rochelle

Hotel and accommodation in or near the centre of town

Les Minimes and the biggest marina in Europe - Port de Plaisance de La Rochelle

Useful Numbers for Taxi, Police, Hospital and European international health insurance

A map of all of central La Rochelle to locate your chosen hotel, restaurant, cafe or plan your site seeing.

Many cafe's hotels and restaurants will offer you a discount or free drink on presentation of this book!

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