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Where the Rainbow Ends  

was a Christmas 'children’s' play by Clifford Mills and John Ramsey, first produced in 1911 by Charles Hawtrey. The play was not only aimed at young people but also adult audiences although it featured 40 children in the cast. 

The actress Italia Conti had gained a reputation for working with children and was asked to train the underage company (which included a 12 year old Noel Coward). Where the Rainbow Ends was such a success that it led to Italia establishing regular classes to teach dancing, singing, acting and elocution. 

These quickly grew into a performing arts school that is still going strong and has boasted many famous names among its students, including film star Jack Hawkins (who was in the 1922 production at the Holborn Empire), Leslie Ash, Wendy Richard, Naomi Campbell, and Clive Dunn.

Michael E Briant

at the

Valerie Smith as Betty Blunders

Andrew Vale as Jim Blunders

Christina Reynolds as Rosemund Cary

Michael Briant as Crispian Cary




My first taste at only having to share a dressing room with only one other person!

Home Up Turtle Rainbow Bromley Rep Biography FAMILY TREE