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Gentle Mediterranean Routes to the Islands
 (Balearic, Sardinia, Corsica, Sicily, Malta, and Greek Islands)
  A guide on how to get to the main Mediterranean Islands from Gibraltar or the French Canals.

If you are currently or planning to sail in the Mediterranean then this book will show you the best routes to the islands, how to do it in both the fastest and easiest way plus details of all the ports and marinas you will visit together with their mooring price in high summer!

Distance tables, chartlets, marina/port plans and route choices - an essential planning tool


The Mediterranean is a lovely cruising ground and the islands beckon!

Getting to them from either Gibraltar or Port St Louis if you came down the canals, is the purpose of this book

You can easily get to the Balearic’s in ‘day sails’ but to Sardinia, Sicily, and the Greek Islands, a night at sea is obligatory. If you choose your weather, the warm Mediterranean nights are lovely and in summer the hours of darkness are very short, making it a really good experience.


This book lists the easiest and best routes through the Mediterranean with information on the costs of berths for the night and information about the places to stop at on the way.
The essential Mediterranean planning tool!




Chapter One.

Mediterranean Overview, Weather forecasts, Overnight sailing, AIS & Radar, Fuel, Berthing, Charts to get there, Mooring fees, Main routes

Chapter two:

‘A’ From Gibraltar to the Balearics
The last leg in mainland Spain before the Balearics
Alternatives to St Antonio

Chapter three: ‘B’ Fast route through the Balearic’s (but still nice)

Chapter four: ‘C’ French Canals - Port St Louis & Séte to the Balearics.

Chapter five: ‘D’ Port St Louis to Corsica & Sardinia

Chapter six: ‘E’ Mahon (Balearics) to Sardinia and Sicily


Chapter seven: F’ Mahon (Balearics) to Sicily via Tunisia

Chapter eight: ‘G’ Sicily to Greek Islands


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French Canal Routes to the Mediterranean

Gentle Sailing Route to the Mediterranean

Gentle Mediterranean Routes to the Islands

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