Caribbean Islands


Beautiful islands, nice people and for the most part very inexpensive.

With predictable weather and such good sailing winds it  makes the Mediterranean look like a very poor relation.  How to get there - how to get home- details of all the Island groups and anchorages.  Pictures and chart details together with descriptions of the islands. Pictures, charts, distances, links to marina's and faculties, weather and places to visit and what to see.......

Version one - coming from Europe



Version two - coming from USA or Canada


The Caribbean is probably the biggest and best cruising ground in the world. Wonderful climate, beautiful islands, nice people and for the most part very inexpensive with predictable weather and such good sailing winds it  makes the Mediterranean look like a very poor relation. 

 The Caribbean is the 'backyard' for sailors from the USA or Canada and a desirable destination for Europeans who can do an 'Atlantic' circuit in a 12-month period or even keep their boat in the area for a few years




 1. Overview (Equipment, weather, facilities, ARC etc.)


2. Getting there   (from Europe and USA)


3. Trinidad and Tobago


4. Grenada & Grenadines


5. St Lucia to Dominica and Indian River


6. The Saints & Guadeloupe


7. Antigua to St Martin


8. The Virgin Islands


9. Trinidad to Venezuala and ABC Islands


10. Route back to the USA    (via Bahamas)


11. Route back to Europe  (via Bermuda and Azores)


62 pages and over 50 illustrations


In depth coverage of the islands, the routes and place to visit.


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Gentlesailing . Caribbean Islands







you can see from the 'tracks', the South Western part of the Caribbean is not normally affected by hurricanes.  You can continue sailing in this area all year round or safely lay your boat up in one of the boat yards.

  Until 2014, Grenada was considered a safe haven, but 'Ivan' damaged or destroyed 90% of the buildings on the island.  Most of the yachts laid up ashore 'fell over' and almost all suffered severe damage.  These days only Trinidad is considered safe, and despite there being half a dozen excellent boat yards in Chaguaramas Bay, like Peakes, Power Boats, and the luxurious five star marina CrewsInn

Here is the Grenada Yacht Club where, for a small daily or weekly fee, you can safely leave your dinghy.  The Club has a   marina, but reservations are required. Water, electricity, fuel, Showers, bar, internet & WiFi service for boats in the lagoon.  

It is a friendly local club and the Lagoon, despite being crowded, is a wonderful place from which to visit the delights of St Georges Harbour.

Grenada Yacht Club   VHF Channel 16

 There is a supermarket beside the Lagoon and 'boat boys' will do your washing if you provide the powder.

 (I sometimes suspect they keep the powder rather than waste it on somebody else's dirty clothes! )     But it's all good fun!!


To download this ebook or get  visit:


Gentlesailing . Caribbean Islands


American Version

 This version of the best selling ‘Caribbean Islands Cruising Guide’ is for sailors coming from the USA or Canada and heading into the islands for a season or longer.  All the routes are geared to Southbound Yachts.

 It details the best and easiest routes from Florida through the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos to the Dominican Republic and onto the US Virgin Islands.

Each Chapter describes the best route down the Island chain for boats heading south.


 1.    Overview - Weather, Hurricanes, Security & Paperwork

 2.    Getting there from the USA

 3.    USA to Virgins the easy way

 4.    Getting there from Europe

 5.    The Virgin Islands

 6.    Saint Martin towards Antigua

 7.    Antigua to Martinique

 8.    St Lucia to Carriacou – Grenadines

 9.    Grenada and Trinidad

 10.           Trinidad to Venezuela and ABC Islands

 11.           Routes back to USA

 12.   Route back to Europe


There are two versions the first is for boats coming from Europe and the second is an American Version for boats heading south through the Bahamas & Turks and Caicos.


To download either version this ebook or get  visit:


Gentlesailing . Caribbean Islands


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